How Thoughts make Your Life?

Have you ever thought how your thoughts make your life?  You are what you think about yourself.  You become the same what you think.  We have so many thoughts in our daily life.  If we try to count our thoughts in a day, we will be astonished that thoughts are countless and most of them are meaningless, not useful for life.

How do our thoughts evolve?  Thoughts are not created themselves.  Thoughts evolve from the mind, the input we give to our mind decide our thoughts.  Inputs are what you see, hear, read, and write.  If you can control or decide on what your inputs should be then you can have the control over your thoughts.  Suppose your inputs are about happiness, believe me you will become happy.  Have you noticed whenever you see a comedy movie, you laugh and it remains for some time until you change your input.

If you want to change your thoughts or how you want the thoughts to be always input the same.  If someone wants to be peaceful, read lot about meditation, spiritual books.  You will feel the emptiness where you find yourself.  Be aware of your thoughts as they became your actions and your life.

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Thanjavur Big Temple




Here It is a New Morning!

Sun Rise


First Gear

Our plan to buy a bike for me ended up at the Bajaj Show Room situated just a few kilometers away from our house.  We were shown two types of bikes, one is 100 cc and other is 125 cc for our budget.  After several confusion and discussion we zeroed in the 100 cc bike, which finally fit our pocket.  We paid advance for the bike to be delivered in two days.  I was expecting the day eagerly.
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We received a call from the showroom that our bike was ready for delivery.  We were asked to bring the balance amount particularly.  That day I took leave from office.  At the show room, after paying the balance amount, there were some documents work done.  After about half an hour we were shown the Bajaj Discover 100 cc bike colored in light green with gold, a brand new two wheeler was ready to ride.  Oh! the there was a problem, I didn't know driving.  How could I take my bike home? 

I never learned driving before and even after college, I hired (preferred) public bus drivers to take me wherever I went.  I even hired train drivers to wander around the city.  I had no chance for learning driving.   And particularly I was just scared to drive a gear bike as I thought there were lot of steps (clutching, gear changing) involved which made me to be away from gear bikes.

Fortunately, I took my neighbour to take bike home.  He helped me to take the bike from the showroom to home.  There lied the bike in the parking area for a few days.  I learnt the theoretical part of starting, riding and stopping the bike before I ventured out with my bike.  I took help from a two wheeler mechanic to learn biking.  I was struggling with the starting problem.  Every time after putting the first gear, I had no good relationship with the clutch.  I was very uncomfortable with reliving the clutch after the first gear.  I either didn't relive the clutch and give enough throttle in time or relived the clutch before giving enough gas. Both made the bike either stopped or not at all moved.  After a few days, I learned properly to start or to stop.  I had one more lesson, between start and stop, Riding, I needed to have enough ride especially in the traffic.

One evening, after office, I took my bike on the road.   After a few kilometers, somehow unwillingly the bike took me to the busy road, the bike was riding very smoothly and at the speed I didn't wan,t until the time I was hit by an auto, the auto driver scolded me (for his mistake). I was disappointed at that time.  After that I chose to practice in the early morning.  I almost took a month to take my bike on the road to my office. Finally I learnt the bike riding completely, now I have this habit of overtaking vehicles on the very busy roads in the city.


Abraham Lincoln

When he was so young, he had more interest to read books but since his father couldn’t afford things because of his low income Abraham was unable to buy books.  So he walks distances to borrow books from those living in urban areas.

One day he’d borrowed a book about the biography of George Washington.  He was so interested in the book that stimulated him to read the book fully at one go.  But since the lamp ran out of oil, the light was dimming and he couldn’t complete reading the book.  So, he kept the book on the roof of the home and went to sleep.

Next day, he found his book was so wet because of the rain last night.  He informed this to the owner of the book.  The owner got angry and wanted him to pay for the book else to work in his farm for three days for the compensation.  Lincoln couldn’t pay for it so he worked in his farm.  After working three days, the book was entitled to him, Lincoln cried after he owned the book.  This is one of the incidents that made him to become the President of America later.


Moliere - French author of sophisticated comedies (1622-1673)

One day Moliere was talking to his friend, ‘I loved a girl very much; she was so beautiful; she used to speak intelligently; she always had smiling face; suddenly one day everything was gone’

His friend asked, ‘why? What happened?’

Moliere replied, ‘I got married to her’.


George Bernard Shaw

One day George Bernard Shaw was caught in the heavy rain.  He hurried to the nearby building and knocked the door.  But the person, who was inside the building refused to open the door.

“I’m Bernard Shaw! Open the door”, said Shaw.

That person burst into laugh and said, “Here in, there are 20 people were saying that they were Bernard Shaw, you’re the 21st; go inside” and he opened the door.

Only after entering the building, Shaw realized that it was a Mental Hospital.  



We all know that the Jupiter is the biggest planet in the Sun family.  Scientists say that once in 83 years, it comes near to the Earth.  Before that, it was said to have come close to the Earth in 1954.  It was about 59 million kilometers distance from the Earth at that time.  It is believed that it will come again near to the Earth in 2034!  Are you ready?


Charlie Chaplin - English comedian and film maker (1889-1977)

In London, in the middle of poverty, everyone was suffering from the disease of hungriness. Henna, the mother of Charlie Chaplin got a chance to sing in a bar after trying too hard, many times in many bars. She was young, good looking and a very good singer before when Charlie Chaplin was born. But poverty had sucked her youth and left her so weak. That day, she with her son, Charlie, went to the bar to sing.

After getting on the stage, she was unable to sing well. Her voice was stumbled. She burst in to tears. The bar was crowded at that time. And everyone shouted against her to go out. The bar manager scolded her when she got down the stage. To everyone’s surprise, the six years old boy, Charlie suddenly got on the stage. No one knew what he thought. Everyone in the bar was staring at him and thinking what he was going to do. Charlie started singing the song, his mother taught him and he danced by waving his legs and hands. The surprised crowd was enlightened and the bar was filled with claps. That was the first time Charlie entertained the people.

Everyone threw the coins on the stage. Charlie stopped singing and started collecting the coins. The crowd laughed at his action. Some people shouted at him to sing. Charlie told them to wait as he was collecting the coins and was unable to sing along. Henna, ran towards him with her eyes filled in tears, hugged and kissed him. Charlie relived himself from her hands and acted just like her inability to sing. The crowd applauded for that also. That’s when he started his career of acting.


Who are You?

Have you ever thought who you are?  You hardly had time for that.  You have time for all those things which are mostly related to others.  You always believe what others say about you, what others call you.  When you are born they named you and you believed that the name is you.  Whenever someone called your name, you turned back if they call you.  After school and college you became a gradute.  Now, you have got more things to add your name, your degree.

You got married and had children.  You brought them, helped them to be educated .  You accumulated wealth and finally you die.  Now they found who you are, they call you, the body.  Yes, you are the body.  You’re piece of the earth.  You are the different form the earth.  You are not born with this body.  You have just accumulated it.  You are what you eat.

Now, you come to know that you’re not what they call you, what you eat, your body, then who you are?  Are you your mind?  You have been in belief of what others always say.  They named everything that appeared in the world and you believed it.  You believed in God that you ever seen.  They told you who God is.  Even God himself hadn’t told you that he was the God.

After all, you are the soul.  The soul never disappear, never hurt, never be hurt, every worryied and have no connections in the relations that prevail in the world.  Now you are free.  


Beautiful Face

Though very familiar
seeing everyday
how beautiful is your face
when looked into the mirror

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The Interview

It is the time in between the dark and light.  The clock starts alarming exactly at 5.00 am.  Amir puts his hand on the clock to stop its alarm, his hands along with clock is vibrating.  Without any second thought he wakes up in a hurry just to avoid the sleeping mood unless he will fell asleep again as he does every day.  He opens the doors of window outside.  The street lights are still blinking, the sun rays are yet to come, few dogs are sleeping on the road platform, and he can hear the sounds of cuckoos.  Without passing any more time, he is to get ready for the day soon.

Dressed up in the black pant and blue shirt Amir finishes the breakfast as fast as the time is running out for the interview.  This is the first interview call he receives after many months.  He has to get this job desperately as no more money left in his pocket.  He has to pay off the rent and other expenses as he stays alone in the city and it is becoming costlier day by day.

It is the busy bus stop, every day it receives many visitors from school students to grey hairs, from daily coolies to white collared office goers, from beggars to petty business men.  Amir stands among others and waits for the bus.  There are four buses fully packed and no one can even venture into them, only few are lucky to place a foot on the board.  Another bus with lesser crowd comes and he runs and jumps to get into the bus.  Finally he gets his ticket and a seat at the back. 

After a while the bus suddenly moves at slower pace in the traffic.  Now, the bus stops its movement finally.  There is heavy traffic in which the bus is sandwiched by all the four sides. Time is running for Amir and he can’t wait anymore.  He overhears there is an accident.   A rich man got accident in his car and he bleeds.  There is nobody to come forward for the man to help.  Everybody is watching over him.  Amir always has concern for others.  Whenever anybody needs help Amir is the first person to help them in his native place. 

Amir gets down from the bus and runs towards the place where the accident took place.  He finally gets out of the traffic and takes an auto for interview.  He doesn’t want to miss the interview.  There are five persons waiting for the interview.  Amir seats among them and confirms all have come for the same post.  His chance for the post is higher than others as his qualifications are better than theirs.  He smiles inside and waits for his turn.

The time runs out of the interview schedule and there is no response from the receptionist even after several enquiries.  They look at each other often.  Amir gets tired of waiting.  Though he waited for many months for an interview call, he can’t wait any more hours for his chance.  The receptionist receives a telephone call and after a while puts down the receiver.  She tells the candidates that the interview is cancelled and no information for the next schedule.

Amir breaks down and his eyes are filled with tears that refuse to come out of eyes.  He goes to the receptionist and asks for the reason.  She tells that the owner of the company died in an accident and he could have survived if somebody helped him to the hospital.



Man Race

It has been just a year went, everybody I see asks me this question "Does your child started speaking?" I wonder why people are in a hurry.  When I just completed my graduation, they asked me when I was going to get a job.  When I got a job, they asked me when I was going to get married.  When I finally got married, they asked me when I was going to have a baby.  They will never stop asking questions.  Are they really interested in your life?  Do they check your progress to compare with them.  Are they want us to run with others.  They mean it as settlement in life.  What after settlement?

When I was studying school, I was always told to get higher ranks than our neighbors' children.  Getting a job that pays higher than your friends' or neighbors' is in the agenda.  Starting from building a house to settling our children is the way we have to live the life.    

When you go off the way all the people are moving, they started to see you as a Monk.  When you don't buy luxury things and live simple, they doubt you as an Alien. Why does a man to grow faster, study, get a job, marry and have a baby in a hurry?  A man is born to live the life not to just survive.  He is not running in any race.  He is just walking around the life.  There is no rules and regulations for any life.  Anyone can live their life as they want.  Don't put yourself in a structure. These rules and regulation are made by the society and we are hanged on it.


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