Thank You

When I was searching for job, I was attending many interviews.  I’d posted my resume in job portals which helped many companies to find my resume and call for interviews.  Apart from companies, many job consultancy firms also called and referred my resume to their clients.  One day, I got a call from a job consultancy firm.  They asked to attend a preliminary interview at their office. 

I was waiting at the reception hall after giving my name to the receptionist who was busy attending continuous phone calls.   While waiting, I finished filling up all the details about me and my education, etc. on the paper, the receptionist gave me.  Meanwhile I found a sign board ‘Wait until your turn comes’ telling me to be patient for waiting long.  Then came a girl and called my name.  Wow! what a beautiful girl she was! I was just astonished to see her beautiful, calm face and I was staring at her without blinking.  She was wearing a yellow chudidhar nicely stitched for her alone. She was slim with no marks on her face.  We can give full mark for her posture.  I came to earth when she called me again with a stress.  For the first time, I heard my name sounds so nice to me.  When a pretty girl calls your name, what music you need to listen to?

She started walking back to an office room.  I was not sure if I follow suit.  She responded to my hesitation with her eyes that said ‘just follow me’.  The room was a very small with about 20x10 feet in size.  She closed the doors of the room.  We were just two in that room.  We sat just opposite to each other with a round table in the middle keeping some distance between us.  We exchanged a few sights, uttering no word for a moment.

She asked me to give my Resume and gone through the top to bottom of whatever I’ve written.   Then she asked me some questions about my previous jobs.  After a while, she gave me a reference to attend the interview in a Company and forwarded my Resume.   She wished me all the best and left out of the room after giving me her Visiting Card.

As she suggested, I attended the interview.  I couldn’t get that job because of my qualification wasn’t enough for the post.  I thought to thank the girl for her reference and kind.  Since, I didn’t want to disturb her by calling in her busy work I had sent an SMS saying thanks for the reference.  After a while I received a call from her.  She inquired about my interview and ensured me that she would inform me if any other opportunities come in the future.   For the first time, I felt the value of words ‘Thank You’.  Since, I had thanked her for her help she came forward to say that she would help me.  When we show our gratitude towards people they respond in a very positive way.  It helps good relationships and better life for each other.


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