My Space is Just Me and My Bag

The clock kept reminding me that it was getting late else I was looking at my wrist watch often to remind myself that I was running out of time.  At the time I was ready to leave my office, my manager called me to his room.  You know what happened in the next half an hour?  I couldn’t stop waving my head from left to right and sometimes up and down.  Either he made a long lecture or I exercised my neck.  At last, he let me go.

I was lucky to get the bus immediately after reaching the bus stop.  With a few persons standing on the foot-board, I had to ask for excuse to enter into the bus. Though there was not much crowd, the seats were full-occupied and I was left a small space to stand. The bus was moving slowly as expected because of the traffic on the road.  After some bus stops, the bus became so crowd.  I made sure my space not over taken by others.  Since I had mobile phone internet- connected, I was passing my time by browsing.

With my bag on my back, though wasn’t heavy it seemed big to carry.  I was looking out the traffic moving inch by inch. It was so hot inside the bus and I was sweating a lot.  It more irritated when an old man was pushing my bag so violently.  I asked him, “Why don’t you tell me to move sir?”  He had no consideration for my question.  With his age, I couldn’t expect his tolerance but his anger.  I’ve found that people in the city are becoming so unfriendly and more competitive that consequently results frustration and anger.  
I couldn’t ask for more comfortableness by paying such an exorbitant price for a bus ticket.  After all they called it as deluxe bus. Do you know the meaning of deluxe bus?  You pay more for extra inconvenience.  The bus took more than normal time to reach my place.  The city bus is something that everyone has to experience so that you know the value of the space.


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