Charlie Chaplin - English comedian and film maker (1889-1977)

In London, in the middle of poverty, everyone was suffering from the disease of hungriness. Henna, the mother of Charlie Chaplin got a chance to sing in a bar after trying too hard, many times in many bars. She was young, good looking and a very good singer before when Charlie Chaplin was born. But poverty had sucked her youth and left her so weak. That day, she with her son, Charlie, went to the bar to sing.

After getting on the stage, she was unable to sing well. Her voice was stumbled. She burst in to tears. The bar was crowded at that time. And everyone shouted against her to go out. The bar manager scolded her when she got down the stage. To everyone’s surprise, the six years old boy, Charlie suddenly got on the stage. No one knew what he thought. Everyone in the bar was staring at him and thinking what he was going to do. Charlie started singing the song, his mother taught him and he danced by waving his legs and hands. The surprised crowd was enlightened and the bar was filled with claps. That was the first time Charlie entertained the people.

Everyone threw the coins on the stage. Charlie stopped singing and started collecting the coins. The crowd laughed at his action. Some people shouted at him to sing. Charlie told them to wait as he was collecting the coins and was unable to sing along. Henna, ran towards him with her eyes filled in tears, hugged and kissed him. Charlie relived himself from her hands and acted just like her inability to sing. The crowd applauded for that also. That’s when he started his career of acting.


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