Who are You?

Have you ever thought who you are?  You hardly had time for that.  You have time for all those things which are mostly related to others.  You always believe what others say about you, what others call you.  When you are born they named you and you believed that the name is you.  Whenever someone called your name, you turned back if they call you.  After school and college you became a gradute.  Now, you have got more things to add your name, your degree.

You got married and had children.  You brought them, helped them to be educated .  You accumulated wealth and finally you die.  Now they found who you are, they call you, the body.  Yes, you are the body.  You’re piece of the earth.  You are the different form the earth.  You are not born with this body.  You have just accumulated it.  You are what you eat.

Now, you come to know that you’re not what they call you, what you eat, your body, then who you are?  Are you your mind?  You have been in belief of what others always say.  They named everything that appeared in the world and you believed it.  You believed in God that you ever seen.  They told you who God is.  Even God himself hadn’t told you that he was the God.

After all, you are the soul.  The soul never disappear, never hurt, never be hurt, every worryied and have no connections in the relations that prevail in the world.  Now you are free.  


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