No Money, but Happiness

He is young in his early thirties.  He has got more than everything what we need in our day-to-day life, own house, Car, a income generating own company and of course lot of money.  The money, no one knows how to spend.  Dressed very smart, always having a laptop on his lap, he looks great.  But where is the happiness?

He has everything including anger.  He is one of the directors of that company.  But he has restless mind.  He shouts almost at everybody working in his company.  Not just one or the other day, but almost everyday.  I wonder if he likes to get angry.  

He has more than enough money for his life time.  His parents have already earned for him and they are still earning!  I sometimes felt money was the one thing that would bring happiness.  I dreamt of having been born as a son of millionaire.  I had thought of sitting in the house where there are people to hear from you to do anything for you.

I was wrong.  Money can't bring happiness.  If it can, he would have been one of the happiest persons in the world.  He has everything but no happiness.  And I see so many people who has no money but happiness.


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