Rabbit or Tortoise

I come across many people who ask me that why I’m not settled yet (Now I’m studying and working part-time). They mean being settled is getting married and placing yourself in a good company. After you get placed and married, they would ask how much salary you get and you may answer anything that either keep their eyes expand or go up and down on you. Many people try to earn more just to live in others’ eyes. They forget to live how they really want after all it’s their life.

You must have known that many Software Professionals are earning and living a luxury life. They work right from when the sun rises and keep themselves busy till it comes next day. Their motive is to live happily but tell me how many of them really happy. They have everything except time. All we have, to say about 60 years to live in this beautiful world. Of them 20 years go without realizing what life is. Remaining 40 years is too difficult to move. Not anybody can say if they will be born again.

I don’t mean to say that there’s no need of money at all. But we don’t know how to live with what we have.
Life is not a race to run fast to get the first place or second. But it is a nice journey to walk and count your each and every step. I’m just walking and indulging in each and every moment of life. Just ask the person who came first that if he enjoyed the race. He would say either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. But he would have certainly said that it was difficult to cope with the other contestants. He must have forgotten to look at the trees, birds, mountains that came across when he was running. He must not have enjoyed that shadow of the tree and its breeze. I hope you know the story of a race between Rabbit and Turtle. Live the life you’re given rather than to create your own. Because you have to put more than half of your years to create a life you want. Isn’t that easier to live a life what’s in front of us than to create one again!


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