First Gear

Our plan to buy a bike for me ended up at the Bajaj Show Room situated just a few kilometers away from our house.  We were shown two types of bikes, one is 100 cc and other is 125 cc for our budget.  After several confusion and discussion we zeroed in the 100 cc bike, which finally fit our pocket.  We paid advance for the bike to be delivered in two days.  I was expecting the day eagerly.
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We received a call from the showroom that our bike was ready for delivery.  We were asked to bring the balance amount particularly.  That day I took leave from office.  At the show room, after paying the balance amount, there were some documents work done.  After about half an hour we were shown the Bajaj Discover 100 cc bike colored in light green with gold, a brand new two wheeler was ready to ride.  Oh! the there was a problem, I didn't know driving.  How could I take my bike home? 

I never learned driving before and even after college, I hired (preferred) public bus drivers to take me wherever I went.  I even hired train drivers to wander around the city.  I had no chance for learning driving.   And particularly I was just scared to drive a gear bike as I thought there were lot of steps (clutching, gear changing) involved which made me to be away from gear bikes.

Fortunately, I took my neighbour to take bike home.  He helped me to take the bike from the showroom to home.  There lied the bike in the parking area for a few days.  I learnt the theoretical part of starting, riding and stopping the bike before I ventured out with my bike.  I took help from a two wheeler mechanic to learn biking.  I was struggling with the starting problem.  Every time after putting the first gear, I had no good relationship with the clutch.  I was very uncomfortable with reliving the clutch after the first gear.  I either didn't relive the clutch and give enough throttle in time or relived the clutch before giving enough gas. Both made the bike either stopped or not at all moved.  After a few days, I learned properly to start or to stop.  I had one more lesson, between start and stop, Riding, I needed to have enough ride especially in the traffic.

One evening, after office, I took my bike on the road.   After a few kilometers, somehow unwillingly the bike took me to the busy road, the bike was riding very smoothly and at the speed I didn't wan,t until the time I was hit by an auto, the auto driver scolded me (for his mistake). I was disappointed at that time.  After that I chose to practice in the early morning.  I almost took a month to take my bike on the road to my office. Finally I learnt the bike riding completely, now I have this habit of overtaking vehicles on the very busy roads in the city.


Prasanna B R said...

Getting our own new bike without damaging(by practicing driving) of our close peer's bike, is shame!!

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