Man Race

It has been just a year went, everybody I see asks me this question "Does your child started speaking?" I wonder why people are in a hurry.  When I just completed my graduation, they asked me when I was going to get a job.  When I got a job, they asked me when I was going to get married.  When I finally got married, they asked me when I was going to have a baby.  They will never stop asking questions.  Are they really interested in your life?  Do they check your progress to compare with them.  Are they want us to run with others.  They mean it as settlement in life.  What after settlement?

When I was studying school, I was always told to get higher ranks than our neighbors' children.  Getting a job that pays higher than your friends' or neighbors' is in the agenda.  Starting from building a house to settling our children is the way we have to live the life.    

When you go off the way all the people are moving, they started to see you as a Monk.  When you don't buy luxury things and live simple, they doubt you as an Alien. Why does a man to grow faster, study, get a job, marry and have a baby in a hurry?  A man is born to live the life not to just survive.  He is not running in any race.  He is just walking around the life.  There is no rules and regulations for any life.  Anyone can live their life as they want.  Don't put yourself in a structure. These rules and regulation are made by the society and we are hanged on it.


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