Fast and Furious

After that announcement, I was unable to hold my legs on the ground.  I was eagerly waiting for the day when I would compete and win the cycle race to be held on the annual day celebration in our area. I knew I had a very big chance of winning the race.  I didn't know why I thought so. 

I had to enroll my name for the competition.  The list was getting longer as more and more enrolled their names.  Along with cycle race there were other sports/competitions to be held.  I had found that the list of competitors for cycle race was longer than any other.  And my name was in the middle of the list.

Then the time came to practice.  Though I was very good at cycling, I wanted to tone it further to enhance my chance of hitting at the top of the final result.  So, I had to ask my friend who would arrange for a cycle.  Yes, I had none.  I used to borrow cycles from my friends and relatives to paddle  as my father couldn't afford me one.  May be that's how the eagerness aroused for cycling and winning the race had become one of my dreams.

My friend somehow managed to get me a cycle which was his father's friend's son's cycle.  I had to take care of the cycle as I would not afford the repair expenses.

Then my mornings would start before the sun rises and I practiced on the broad main roads and narrow lanes without traffic.  And in the evening sessions went with heavy traffic.

The day had finally arrived.  There were hundreds or may be a few thousands of people gathered on the battle ground.  Competitions, one after another went off well and the announcement of winners and runners excited everyone.

Then came the important competition, cycle race.  I was dreaming of my name being announced on the mic.  Every competitor was asked to take mark along with their cycle.  I was on my cycle at fourth from the right in the line.  Then the whistle was blown to start the race.  Without thinking I put my right leg on the right paddle and the left leg on the left paddle. My cycle was moving faster than others.  I found that when I couldn't find any one to my left and right sides.  Yes, I was leading the race and touched the final line first.

The results were announced and my name was at the bottom of the final results.  Who touched the final line was the winner.  Oh! I had lost my sight on the competition announcement which read Cycle Race and below 'Slow Race Competition'.


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