My Diwali Crackers

I couldn't control my excitement after seeing those crackers.  I even didn't know how it could make me happy.  That was the first time I remember to have seen the crackers.  That evening seemed so long.  I was waiting for the dusk to dawn for bursting the crackers that my father bought.  I was about 6 years old I remember.  I knew that it would make sounds.  He had bought a flower pot packet and couple of  pencil crackers. 

My father hardly bought us crackers.  So, I was always excited about crackers.  The thought of bursting crackers itself woke me up so early in the morning.  Even before I brushed my teeth, I run to front of the house.  All I could see was those crackers leaving their last sparkles.  Yes, my father burst all the crackers and what left were only a few pencil crackers.

I was disappointed.  And forgot that after I was my new dresses.  After some time, I went out to the street.  While walking along the street, I could see the crackers already burst lying on the street.  I could  pick up a cracker which was left fresh.  For the first time I dared to burst a big sound making cracker.  I fired it in front of my house.  It sounded good to hear.

Now I lost all those interest to burst the crackers.  I even hate the big noise making crackers.  But I'd like to see the colourful crackers burst in the sky.  The time changes.


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