How Thoughts make Your Life?

Have you ever thought how your thoughts make your life?  You are what you think about yourself.  You become the same what you think.  We have so many thoughts in our daily life.  If we try to count our thoughts in a day, we will be astonished that thoughts are countless and most of them are meaningless, not useful for life.

How do our thoughts evolve?  Thoughts are not created themselves.  Thoughts evolve from the mind, the input we give to our mind decide our thoughts.  Inputs are what you see, hear, read, and write.  If you can control or decide on what your inputs should be then you can have the control over your thoughts.  Suppose your inputs are about happiness, believe me you will become happy.  Have you noticed whenever you see a comedy movie, you laugh and it remains for some time until you change your input.

If you want to change your thoughts or how you want the thoughts to be always input the same.  If someone wants to be peaceful, read lot about meditation, spiritual books.  You will feel the emptiness where you find yourself.  Be aware of your thoughts as they became your actions and your life.

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