Lift the Sprit

It is a ten storey building, where I work now.  My office is situated on the 7th floor. On that day, I reached the office earlier than I'd expected. Since the building has the lift, I need not to follow the steps and can reach the 7th floor in a minute.  But, I thought to slow down my pace.  I was the only person in the lift.  So, I decided to click the 4th floor as well.  It would stop on the 4th floor and reach the 7th floor a bit slowly.

The lift was moving up and reached the 4th floor in seconds.  The lift stopped and opened slowly.  Right opposite to the lift, I could see an another office with a glass-walled door, where a female receptionist was sitting.  At the second, when the lift door opened, both of us happened to look at each other at the same time.

I don't know whether she was disappointed or not, but I was so disappointed.  Though I didn't expect anything, I would have been very happy, if she looked beautiful.  I wish I saw a nice young girl in that reception hall.  But, she was in her middle age and no flirting. 

I didn't loose my heart. I told myself that next time try another floor.  I lifted my spirit in that nice lift.  


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