My Diwali Crackers

I couldn't control my excitement after seeing those crackers.  I even didn't know how it could make me happy.  That was the first time I remember to have seen the crackers.  That evening seemed so long.  I was waiting for the dusk to dawn for bursting the crackers that my father bought.  I was about 6 years old I remember.  I knew that it would make sounds.  He had bought a flower pot packet and couple of  pencil crackers. 

My father hardly bought us crackers.  So, I was always excited about crackers.  The thought of bursting crackers itself woke me up so early in the morning.  Even before I brushed my teeth, I run to front of the house.  All I could see was those crackers leaving their last sparkles.  Yes, my father burst all the crackers and what left were only a few pencil crackers.

I was disappointed.  And forgot that after I was my new dresses.  After some time, I went out to the street.  While walking along the street, I could see the crackers already burst lying on the street.  I could  pick up a cracker which was left fresh.  For the first time I dared to burst a big sound making cracker.  I fired it in front of my house.  It sounded good to hear.

Now I lost all those interest to burst the crackers.  I even hate the big noise making crackers.  But I'd like to see the colourful crackers burst in the sky.  The time changes.


No Money, but Happiness

He is young in his early thirties.  He has got more than everything what we need in our day-to-day life, own house, Car, a income generating own company and of course lot of money.  The money, no one knows how to spend.  Dressed very smart, always having a laptop on his lap, he looks great.  But where is the happiness?

He has everything including anger.  He is one of the directors of that company.  But he has restless mind.  He shouts almost at everybody working in his company.  Not just one or the other day, but almost everyday.  I wonder if he likes to get angry.  

He has more than enough money for his life time.  His parents have already earned for him and they are still earning!  I sometimes felt money was the one thing that would bring happiness.  I dreamt of having been born as a son of millionaire.  I had thought of sitting in the house where there are people to hear from you to do anything for you.

I was wrong.  Money can't bring happiness.  If it can, he would have been one of the happiest persons in the world.  He has everything but no happiness.  And I see so many people who has no money but happiness.


When Kollywood Overtakes Bollywood

Everyone is awaiting to see what would a Kollywood movie can do for the Indian Film Industry.  Many fans is making sure that they wouldn't miss a single scene.  Some people is waiting for their turn to get their seat for the excitement.  The wait is over and the film 'Enthiran' (Robot) is going to hit the most number of screens worldwide tomorrow (1st October 2010).

The budget of the film is Rs.150 Crores ($15 Million), the Sun Pictures is taking care of the budget.  No one Indian film is ever made at this cost till now.  The movie is unique not just because of its budget but also it has the most world famous artists who have worked in very big Hollywood projects.

The film is directed by Shankar and the lead hero is Rajinikanth, heroin is Aishwarya.  The music is composed by A.R.Rahman.  This film will be a visiting card for the Indian Films in International Film Industry in terms of the budget and the technologies used.  Hereafter Bollywood is no longer the face of Indian Cinema.  The Tamil Film Industry i.e. Kollywood will soon overtake Bollywood.


An Ingredient - Not for Cooking

The clock was moving beyond 1.30 pm and it alarmed; No! not clock, my stomach.  I usually take my lunch at 1.00 pm.  But the rules of the new office made me to postpone my usual lunch time a bit later.  I was waiting for someone to make the first move out of the cabin to go to lunch room.  While my eyes were on the computer, the mind was moving around the dinning table.  

Finally someone took initiative to go to lunch room, he must have had the same feelings.  I followed after a couple of other persons made up their mind for the same.  I had two lunch boxes (one is small for having side items).  Now, here comes the problem again.  Though everyone was present at the dinning table, no one was ready to open their boxes.  Sigh!

This time I desperately had to make my move, yeah! I opened my lunch box (claps!!!).  It was curd rice with spinach as side dish.  With masala (ingredients) the spinach was very tasteful.  And of course I like curd rice more.  *#@*!  There was some noise in my mouth.  It could have been heard by those sitting around me.  I didn't want to show that I was eating stone.  Yeah! Stone was in the spinach (ingredient?).  There is old saying that young ones can digest even stones.  I had to prove it.  I swallowed the stone with a hope that it would be digested.  Let me see in the morning.  


மின்னலே - இருவிழி உனது


My Space is Just Me and My Bag

The clock kept reminding me that it was getting late else I was looking at my wrist watch often to remind myself that I was running out of time.  At the time I was ready to leave my office, my manager called me to his room.  You know what happened in the next half an hour?  I couldn’t stop waving my head from left to right and sometimes up and down.  Either he made a long lecture or I exercised my neck.  At last, he let me go.

I was lucky to get the bus immediately after reaching the bus stop.  With a few persons standing on the foot-board, I had to ask for excuse to enter into the bus. Though there was not much crowd, the seats were full-occupied and I was left a small space to stand. The bus was moving slowly as expected because of the traffic on the road.  After some bus stops, the bus became so crowd.  I made sure my space not over taken by others.  Since I had mobile phone internet- connected, I was passing my time by browsing.

With my bag on my back, though wasn’t heavy it seemed big to carry.  I was looking out the traffic moving inch by inch. It was so hot inside the bus and I was sweating a lot.  It more irritated when an old man was pushing my bag so violently.  I asked him, “Why don’t you tell me to move sir?”  He had no consideration for my question.  With his age, I couldn’t expect his tolerance but his anger.  I’ve found that people in the city are becoming so unfriendly and more competitive that consequently results frustration and anger.  
I couldn’t ask for more comfortableness by paying such an exorbitant price for a bus ticket.  After all they called it as deluxe bus. Do you know the meaning of deluxe bus?  You pay more for extra inconvenience.  The bus took more than normal time to reach my place.  The city bus is something that everyone has to experience so that you know the value of the space.


Thinking You

I was sitting just next to her.  She rolled her eye balls around the room before looked at me.  Suddenly she kept her sight at the file she’d brought.  She opened that file and took some of the papers out and looked from top to bottom.  She was wearing a yellow coloured salwaar. She seems to be taller even without the heels.  She kept her right leg on her left and placed the file on her lap.  We were two of the about ten people in that room looking at each other without uttering a word.  Then one of them started speaking to the near one.  And others followed suit.  I kept my mouth shut so as she.

Then, a lady came and announced some of the names.  The names were included mine as well.  I was expecting her name to be called next.  But her name wasn’t called.  I was disappointed and followed the lady as she asked us.  We were arranged each a seat with computer in front of us and asked to write some test.   I looked my left side there was a boy, Ohh disappointed again. Then I looked at my right side, I was surprised to see her sitting just next to me again to write the test along with me.

After answering some objective-type questions, we had to write a letter officially in order to test our language skills.  After typed my letter, I just looked at her computer to see what she’d written.  Oh! She’d completed her letter with ‘Thinking you’.  I was excited.  Did she mention me?  I was happy and when she accidently looked at me, I smile at her.  But she seemed to be so nervous.  I thought to calm her.  She was rechecking her letter.  I thought she wanted to see the whole letter.

After a while, that lady came and asked us to submit our names in the computer.  I was thrilled what if that lady saw the words she wrote.  It would create conflicts.  Anyway whether I get this job or not, I decided to save her.  At least I can win her heart.  After correcting one by one, the lady come to her and checked the answers and letter she’d written.  I was expecting what would happen next.  The lady started laughing after seeing the letter. 

I was confused what was happening over there. That girl was looking at everyone and her face became dull.  ‘Here I come’, I decided to be a hero to save her as she wrote those words for me.  I asked the lady why she was laughing.  I was shocked to hear saying that the girl wasn’t so good at English and she wrote ‘Thinking you’ instead of ‘Thanking you’.  Oops!



The trains was full-packed with people have no space even to breath.  I was in the middle of the crowd ensuring my space was not occupied.  We saw each other at the same time. He smiled and so did I.  But I couldn’t open any conversation with him as I was on the phone talking to someone else.

As the train was moving fast, I lost the network connection and the call.  I opened the conversation first.
‘Hi, how are you?’

‘Fine, how about you?’, he asked.


‘Where are you working now?’

‘I’m working in **********’(I'm not working for any secret agent, just for privacy)

‘He couldn’t find anyone suitable after you’d left the job’, He said.

‘Oh!’, I said………… But who?, I was so confused to whom I was talking to.

I did remember his face. But I had no clue who he was and the one, he was talking about.

He continued. ‘He hired a girl. but she was not so competent as he’d expected’

I was clueless. He must be talking about someone I knew, but my mind was searching hard to find one clue.

How is your work? and are you still working there itself?’, I asked with a hope to find any clue.

No, I left the job. Now i’m woking in ********’, (either him working for any secret agent) He said.
Which station did you get in the train?’ me
At Perambur’ he

I just continued my conversation.

It is really hard to walk to that distance to go to college’ he

Wow! he was there. I’d found afterall who he was.  I’d worked in a college as part-time. He was also working there. What a memory!


There is Hope Somewhere!

It was a hot morning in the mid summer.  I was just relaxing after finishing my regular exercises.  With the newspapers lying on the table near by the chair, I was staring at the Clock eating the time gradually.  Being not so interested in reading newspaper, my mind was blank.

Then I heard some sound that I was so used to before and didn’t hear for some time ago.  I moved my eyeballs towards the place where I heard it.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  There were not just one or two but about five sparrows standing on the floor and eating some coconut left unused.

I was happy to see them again after a long time.  They were disappeared for the reason.  There are no trees in my area.  All were cut and built apartments.  It seems we were getting away from the real nature.  Then the sparrows flew away. Again the crows came, who were already still wandering around my house. I believe there’s hope somewhere so near! 


Lift the Sprit

It is a ten storey building, where I work now.  My office is situated on the 7th floor. On that day, I reached the office earlier than I'd expected. Since the building has the lift, I need not to follow the steps and can reach the 7th floor in a minute.  But, I thought to slow down my pace.  I was the only person in the lift.  So, I decided to click the 4th floor as well.  It would stop on the 4th floor and reach the 7th floor a bit slowly.

The lift was moving up and reached the 4th floor in seconds.  The lift stopped and opened slowly.  Right opposite to the lift, I could see an another office with a glass-walled door, where a female receptionist was sitting.  At the second, when the lift door opened, both of us happened to look at each other at the same time.

I don't know whether she was disappointed or not, but I was so disappointed.  Though I didn't expect anything, I would have been very happy, if she looked beautiful.  I wish I saw a nice young girl in that reception hall.  But, she was in her middle age and no flirting. 

I didn't loose my heart. I told myself that next time try another floor.  I lifted my spirit in that nice lift.  


War of the Worlds

I had enough time to reach the theatre in time.  So, I was not in a hurry.  I was able to reach the theatre in an hour before.  The Matinee Show was at 4 o’clock!  Since I didn’t reserve the ticket in advance, I picked up the pace of my footsteps after seeing a huge crowd in front of the theatre.  But to my surprise, there was no crowd at the ticket counter.  I was very happy about not being to follow a long queue.  There were only two persons in front of me.  I was waiting for my turn.  They were asking the man at the counter about something.  I overheard that it was ‘House-full’.  Oh! I was very disappointed.  I thought that either I should have reserved the ticket or come earlier.  I know it was Saturday but I didn’t expect that much crowd for that film.

There were some persons selling the tickets in black.  Some people who seemed to be rich in their clothes bought the tickets without a word.  I never buy the tickets in black at all.  The black tickets cost usually triple the actual price.  It would pinch my pocket.  I give red signal for black tickets.  As I lived in the suburban and I wanted to watch the movie in the city theatre, I had come a long way to the theatre.  And I wasn’t in a position to return home.  So, I decided to give a green signal for black ticket for the first time.  I went near to the person selling the tickets and heard his uttering the price was Rs. 70/-.  The actual cost was Rs. 30/-.  It was just little more on the double.   But I wasn’t ready to pay that.  There was hardly half an hour left for the show.  I was confused and I didn’t know what to do next.  While I was thinking so bad I heard he came down at Rs. 60/-.  Oh nice move! So, I decided to wait for some more time.  Yeah! It happened, it came down even further for Rs. 50/- as the time for the show was nearing and he had more tickets unsold.  There were only ten minutes to go.  I finally decided and bought the ticket just little lesser on the double for Rs. 50/-.  What an achievement!  Are you asking me what the film name is?  Haven’t you found yet?  It was ‘War of the Worlds’.


It’s not flood yet

The water sprinkles on my face which compelled me to open my eyes.  I think it is my mother who used to sprinkle water on our face to wake us up when we sleep beyond the dawn.  But I’m wrong; it is sprinkling through the window.  I force myself to get up to close the window. I stand up with my eyes are still closed and go near to the window.  Before I try to close it, it closes itself very fast. It is blowing very cool and fast. I see it is raining heavily outside while the Meteorological Department is announcing over the radio that there is low pressure on the Bay of Bengal and it’s going to be raining for the next 48 hours.  With no intention to sleep again, I roll up the mat.  As the time passes the water starts to hide the road.  And it is eating away the road and mounting up sand surface that it brings from somewhere else.  It has been raining since the midnight without a pause.   

The level of water flow is increasing gradually on the road.  I’m not to venture out today.  There are crabs floating along with the water; frogs are making noise welcoming the rain. The rain water cleans the dry-leaves on the plants shining in green and promising growth.  There is a lake about 2-3 kilometers away.  I’m expecting the overflow sooner or later.  The people who live nearby the lake used to open the canal whenever the water glides into their houses.  I’m right the water has started its way towards in our area.  It rises up to the knee level now.  Usually the water doesn’t enter into our fence but this time it seems that it would enter even in to the home.  My home is situated three feet above the ground with four steps.

The water is submerging the steps one by one.  I never experienced being in the flood and surrounded by the water.  I even don’t know how to swim to shore. But it is happening here now.  It almost submerges the three steps and waits to swallow the last one also.  While I look around my home, I see others in their houses started to fish in the water.  The fishes are migrating from one place to another.  I’m thinking that sooner or later I also may have to swim along with the fishes.  Now the rain paces slowly but the water is still in the same height flowing fiercely the compound walls.  It may even break in to the wall.  The rain stops completely and the sky is getting clear.  The water level is also reducing inch by inch.  After some time there is no symptom of flood at all as the water is completely absorbed by the earth.


Extinction of Mankind

The morning dawns with the voice of Cock.  The Cuckoo sings especially for you with a unique tone.  Sparrow jumps here and there to seek a place to build its nest.  Crows arrives one by one to have their share of breakfast on the wall.  Squirrel comes down from the coconut tree and goes up after picking up a guava. 

These are the things I used to enjoy watching. I used to start my days with an immense pleasure and a hope of living in a paradise.  Now there is no place around my house where I can find my friends.  Yes, there are all gone without a trace. The house near to mine had coconut trees lined up.  Now the trees are cut down to build apartments, a modern abode of man.

Sparrow is one of the species that I even don’t remember when I saw it last.  There was one sparrow which had built its nest on the plant in my house cannot be seen a few years back.  And the tigers which are being counted to check whether there is any increase in numbers.  Not just these, there are so many species are being extinct day by day.  Species include insects as well. We can’t imagine a world without colourful butterflies.  Are we man, going to live alone?  We haven’t come here alone.  Human being can’t live without the help of animals.  According to the theory of Charles Darwin, man was born because of the evolution.  If the species are dying, then we may also have to follow suit.


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