The Interview

It is the time in between the dark and light.  The clock starts alarming exactly at 5.00 am.  Amir puts his hand on the clock to stop its alarm, his hands along with clock is vibrating.  Without any second thought he wakes up in a hurry just to avoid the sleeping mood unless he will fell asleep again as he does every day.  He opens the doors of window outside.  The street lights are still blinking, the sun rays are yet to come, few dogs are sleeping on the road platform, and he can hear the sounds of cuckoos.  Without passing any more time, he is to get ready for the day soon.

Dressed up in the black pant and blue shirt Amir finishes the breakfast as fast as the time is running out for the interview.  This is the first interview call he receives after many months.  He has to get this job desperately as no more money left in his pocket.  He has to pay off the rent and other expenses as he stays alone in the city and it is becoming costlier day by day.

It is the busy bus stop, every day it receives many visitors from school students to grey hairs, from daily coolies to white collared office goers, from beggars to petty business men.  Amir stands among others and waits for the bus.  There are four buses fully packed and no one can even venture into them, only few are lucky to place a foot on the board.  Another bus with lesser crowd comes and he runs and jumps to get into the bus.  Finally he gets his ticket and a seat at the back. 

After a while the bus suddenly moves at slower pace in the traffic.  Now, the bus stops its movement finally.  There is heavy traffic in which the bus is sandwiched by all the four sides. Time is running for Amir and he can’t wait anymore.  He overhears there is an accident.   A rich man got accident in his car and he bleeds.  There is nobody to come forward for the man to help.  Everybody is watching over him.  Amir always has concern for others.  Whenever anybody needs help Amir is the first person to help them in his native place. 

Amir gets down from the bus and runs towards the place where the accident took place.  He finally gets out of the traffic and takes an auto for interview.  He doesn’t want to miss the interview.  There are five persons waiting for the interview.  Amir seats among them and confirms all have come for the same post.  His chance for the post is higher than others as his qualifications are better than theirs.  He smiles inside and waits for his turn.

The time runs out of the interview schedule and there is no response from the receptionist even after several enquiries.  They look at each other often.  Amir gets tired of waiting.  Though he waited for many months for an interview call, he can’t wait any more hours for his chance.  The receptionist receives a telephone call and after a while puts down the receiver.  She tells the candidates that the interview is cancelled and no information for the next schedule.

Amir breaks down and his eyes are filled with tears that refuse to come out of eyes.  He goes to the receptionist and asks for the reason.  She tells that the owner of the company died in an accident and he could have survived if somebody helped him to the hospital.



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