Abraham Lincoln

When he was so young, he had more interest to read books but since his father couldn’t afford things because of his low income Abraham was unable to buy books.  So he walks distances to borrow books from those living in urban areas.

One day he’d borrowed a book about the biography of George Washington.  He was so interested in the book that stimulated him to read the book fully at one go.  But since the lamp ran out of oil, the light was dimming and he couldn’t complete reading the book.  So, he kept the book on the roof of the home and went to sleep.

Next day, he found his book was so wet because of the rain last night.  He informed this to the owner of the book.  The owner got angry and wanted him to pay for the book else to work in his farm for three days for the compensation.  Lincoln couldn’t pay for it so he worked in his farm.  After working three days, the book was entitled to him, Lincoln cried after he owned the book.  This is one of the incidents that made him to become the President of America later.


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