The trains was full-packed with people have no space even to breath.  I was in the middle of the crowd ensuring my space was not occupied.  We saw each other at the same time. He smiled and so did I.  But I couldn’t open any conversation with him as I was on the phone talking to someone else.

As the train was moving fast, I lost the network connection and the call.  I opened the conversation first.
‘Hi, how are you?’

‘Fine, how about you?’, he asked.


‘Where are you working now?’

‘I’m working in **********’(I'm not working for any secret agent, just for privacy)

‘He couldn’t find anyone suitable after you’d left the job’, He said.

‘Oh!’, I said………… But who?, I was so confused to whom I was talking to.

I did remember his face. But I had no clue who he was and the one, he was talking about.

He continued. ‘He hired a girl. but she was not so competent as he’d expected’

I was clueless. He must be talking about someone I knew, but my mind was searching hard to find one clue.

How is your work? and are you still working there itself?’, I asked with a hope to find any clue.

No, I left the job. Now i’m woking in ********’, (either him working for any secret agent) He said.
Which station did you get in the train?’ me
At Perambur’ he

I just continued my conversation.

It is really hard to walk to that distance to go to college’ he

Wow! he was there. I’d found afterall who he was.  I’d worked in a college as part-time. He was also working there. What a memory!


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