It’s not flood yet

The water sprinkles on my face which compelled me to open my eyes.  I think it is my mother who used to sprinkle water on our face to wake us up when we sleep beyond the dawn.  But I’m wrong; it is sprinkling through the window.  I force myself to get up to close the window. I stand up with my eyes are still closed and go near to the window.  Before I try to close it, it closes itself very fast. It is blowing very cool and fast. I see it is raining heavily outside while the Meteorological Department is announcing over the radio that there is low pressure on the Bay of Bengal and it’s going to be raining for the next 48 hours.  With no intention to sleep again, I roll up the mat.  As the time passes the water starts to hide the road.  And it is eating away the road and mounting up sand surface that it brings from somewhere else.  It has been raining since the midnight without a pause.   

The level of water flow is increasing gradually on the road.  I’m not to venture out today.  There are crabs floating along with the water; frogs are making noise welcoming the rain. The rain water cleans the dry-leaves on the plants shining in green and promising growth.  There is a lake about 2-3 kilometers away.  I’m expecting the overflow sooner or later.  The people who live nearby the lake used to open the canal whenever the water glides into their houses.  I’m right the water has started its way towards in our area.  It rises up to the knee level now.  Usually the water doesn’t enter into our fence but this time it seems that it would enter even in to the home.  My home is situated three feet above the ground with four steps.

The water is submerging the steps one by one.  I never experienced being in the flood and surrounded by the water.  I even don’t know how to swim to shore. But it is happening here now.  It almost submerges the three steps and waits to swallow the last one also.  While I look around my home, I see others in their houses started to fish in the water.  The fishes are migrating from one place to another.  I’m thinking that sooner or later I also may have to swim along with the fishes.  Now the rain paces slowly but the water is still in the same height flowing fiercely the compound walls.  It may even break in to the wall.  The rain stops completely and the sky is getting clear.  The water level is also reducing inch by inch.  After some time there is no symptom of flood at all as the water is completely absorbed by the earth.


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