There is Hope Somewhere!

It was a hot morning in the mid summer.  I was just relaxing after finishing my regular exercises.  With the newspapers lying on the table near by the chair, I was staring at the Clock eating the time gradually.  Being not so interested in reading newspaper, my mind was blank.

Then I heard some sound that I was so used to before and didn’t hear for some time ago.  I moved my eyeballs towards the place where I heard it.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  There were not just one or two but about five sparrows standing on the floor and eating some coconut left unused.

I was happy to see them again after a long time.  They were disappeared for the reason.  There are no trees in my area.  All were cut and built apartments.  It seems we were getting away from the real nature.  Then the sparrows flew away. Again the crows came, who were already still wandering around my house. I believe there’s hope somewhere so near! 


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