Extinction of Mankind

The morning dawns with the voice of Cock.  The Cuckoo sings especially for you with a unique tone.  Sparrow jumps here and there to seek a place to build its nest.  Crows arrives one by one to have their share of breakfast on the wall.  Squirrel comes down from the coconut tree and goes up after picking up a guava. 

These are the things I used to enjoy watching. I used to start my days with an immense pleasure and a hope of living in a paradise.  Now there is no place around my house where I can find my friends.  Yes, there are all gone without a trace. The house near to mine had coconut trees lined up.  Now the trees are cut down to build apartments, a modern abode of man.

Sparrow is one of the species that I even don’t remember when I saw it last.  There was one sparrow which had built its nest on the plant in my house cannot be seen a few years back.  And the tigers which are being counted to check whether there is any increase in numbers.  Not just these, there are so many species are being extinct day by day.  Species include insects as well. We can’t imagine a world without colourful butterflies.  Are we man, going to live alone?  We haven’t come here alone.  Human being can’t live without the help of animals.  According to the theory of Charles Darwin, man was born because of the evolution.  If the species are dying, then we may also have to follow suit.

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