An Ingredient - Not for Cooking

The clock was moving beyond 1.30 pm and it alarmed; No! not clock, my stomach.  I usually take my lunch at 1.00 pm.  But the rules of the new office made me to postpone my usual lunch time a bit later.  I was waiting for someone to make the first move out of the cabin to go to lunch room.  While my eyes were on the computer, the mind was moving around the dinning table.  

Finally someone took initiative to go to lunch room, he must have had the same feelings.  I followed after a couple of other persons made up their mind for the same.  I had two lunch boxes (one is small for having side items).  Now, here comes the problem again.  Though everyone was present at the dinning table, no one was ready to open their boxes.  Sigh!

This time I desperately had to make my move, yeah! I opened my lunch box (claps!!!).  It was curd rice with spinach as side dish.  With masala (ingredients) the spinach was very tasteful.  And of course I like curd rice more.  *#@*!  There was some noise in my mouth.  It could have been heard by those sitting around me.  I didn't want to show that I was eating stone.  Yeah! Stone was in the spinach (ingredient?).  There is old saying that young ones can digest even stones.  I had to prove it.  I swallowed the stone with a hope that it would be digested.  Let me see in the morning.  


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