War of the Worlds

I had enough time to reach the theatre in time.  So, I was not in a hurry.  I was able to reach the theatre in an hour before.  The Matinee Show was at 4 o’clock!  Since I didn’t reserve the ticket in advance, I picked up the pace of my footsteps after seeing a huge crowd in front of the theatre.  But to my surprise, there was no crowd at the ticket counter.  I was very happy about not being to follow a long queue.  There were only two persons in front of me.  I was waiting for my turn.  They were asking the man at the counter about something.  I overheard that it was ‘House-full’.  Oh! I was very disappointed.  I thought that either I should have reserved the ticket or come earlier.  I know it was Saturday but I didn’t expect that much crowd for that film.

There were some persons selling the tickets in black.  Some people who seemed to be rich in their clothes bought the tickets without a word.  I never buy the tickets in black at all.  The black tickets cost usually triple the actual price.  It would pinch my pocket.  I give red signal for black tickets.  As I lived in the suburban and I wanted to watch the movie in the city theatre, I had come a long way to the theatre.  And I wasn’t in a position to return home.  So, I decided to give a green signal for black ticket for the first time.  I went near to the person selling the tickets and heard his uttering the price was Rs. 70/-.  The actual cost was Rs. 30/-.  It was just little more on the double.   But I wasn’t ready to pay that.  There was hardly half an hour left for the show.  I was confused and I didn’t know what to do next.  While I was thinking so bad I heard he came down at Rs. 60/-.  Oh nice move! So, I decided to wait for some more time.  Yeah! It happened, it came down even further for Rs. 50/- as the time for the show was nearing and he had more tickets unsold.  There were only ten minutes to go.  I finally decided and bought the ticket just little lesser on the double for Rs. 50/-.  What an achievement!  Are you asking me what the film name is?  Haven’t you found yet?  It was ‘War of the Worlds’.


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