Thinking You

I was sitting just next to her.  She rolled her eye balls around the room before looked at me.  Suddenly she kept her sight at the file she’d brought.  She opened that file and took some of the papers out and looked from top to bottom.  She was wearing a yellow coloured salwaar. She seems to be taller even without the heels.  She kept her right leg on her left and placed the file on her lap.  We were two of the about ten people in that room looking at each other without uttering a word.  Then one of them started speaking to the near one.  And others followed suit.  I kept my mouth shut so as she.

Then, a lady came and announced some of the names.  The names were included mine as well.  I was expecting her name to be called next.  But her name wasn’t called.  I was disappointed and followed the lady as she asked us.  We were arranged each a seat with computer in front of us and asked to write some test.   I looked my left side there was a boy, Ohh disappointed again. Then I looked at my right side, I was surprised to see her sitting just next to me again to write the test along with me.

After answering some objective-type questions, we had to write a letter officially in order to test our language skills.  After typed my letter, I just looked at her computer to see what she’d written.  Oh! She’d completed her letter with ‘Thinking you’.  I was excited.  Did she mention me?  I was happy and when she accidently looked at me, I smile at her.  But she seemed to be so nervous.  I thought to calm her.  She was rechecking her letter.  I thought she wanted to see the whole letter.

After a while, that lady came and asked us to submit our names in the computer.  I was thrilled what if that lady saw the words she wrote.  It would create conflicts.  Anyway whether I get this job or not, I decided to save her.  At least I can win her heart.  After correcting one by one, the lady come to her and checked the answers and letter she’d written.  I was expecting what would happen next.  The lady started laughing after seeing the letter. 

I was confused what was happening over there. That girl was looking at everyone and her face became dull.  ‘Here I come’, I decided to be a hero to save her as she wrote those words for me.  I asked the lady why she was laughing.  I was shocked to hear saying that the girl wasn’t so good at English and she wrote ‘Thinking you’ instead of ‘Thanking you’.  Oops!


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