The History of Microwave Oven

Today, it is a gift to those who spends their lifetime just by cooking in the kitchen. Yes!  It is Microwave Oven, a kitchen appliance, founded by Percy Spencer.

Percy Spencer, once again, like any other inventor, was born in America in the year 1894.  It is obvious that great achievers are from the bottom of life.  Yes, Percy was born in a poor family.  He lost his father in his young age.  To take of his family, he was forced to work.  He joined as an electrician in a paper company when he was just twelve.

In 1912, the year when the great ship ‘Titanic’ submerged, the message was conveyed through wireless telegram.  When heard about the usage of wireless telegram, Percy was interested to learn the technology.

Later, during the First World War, Percy Spencer was entrusted to look after the production of the machines for sending messages wirelessly.  In the year 1920, he joined another company, producing Radars.   

In 1941, he was entrusted to look after the production of the sub product of Radars, Magnetron.  This sub product helps to create radio signals by which Radars work.  By his hard work, Percy was able to produce more than 2000 machines whereas the average capacity was only 17 in those days.  He spent most of his time in the factory so he had no time even to have lunch.  So he stored chocolates in his pockets and ate them whenever he was hungry.

One day in the year 1945, as usually he was testing a Magnetron.  The chocolate in his pockets melted in a few seconds.  He was thinking about this incident and kept a corn that burst all around there.  Finally, he found that the radio signals coming from the Magnetron was the cause for this. 

That’s how he invented the Microwave Oven that helps to cook things faster.  Percy Spencer was died in the year 1970.


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