Back to School

I started hating the word ‘study’ ever since I had graduated and another word ‘exams’ which was the main cause for the hate.  I like the words ‘learn’ and ‘experience’ and even ‘read’ instead.  I feel these words mean more than just the words I hate.  Though I was an above average student throughout my school and college days, I found the books which contain the subjects were just the piece of papers put together and bound.  

The last time I went to school was when I had to cast my vote in the Election 2014.  Otherwise I had no intention of going to school again.  Contrary to my hate, I liked the school days more than my college days.  I had just few friends in school days and lesser in college days.   I played lot when I was in school and had fun in the class rooms.

I had to go to school again a few days before to admit my son in a pre-school nearby home.  Nowadays the purpose of sending our children to schools is not just for studies but for schools to instruct us to teach our children at home.  I don’t have any idea if we can teach our children then why do we send them to school and pay lump sums.  

So It seems like I have to ‘study’ again as I need to help my son in his studies.  I'm going to learn the English alphabets A to Z again.  One way, I feel excited that I'm going back to school days once again.  May be I’ll study those things that I left out learning in those days.  I'm back to school.

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia


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