Events in Their Life: Tolstoy

Apart from writing, Tolstoy got involved into many other things.  He did small works and also worked in the field etc.  One day Tolstoy was standing in a railway station.  He looked like a coolie.  A woman in the train called him and told, ‘Sir, my husband has gone to hotel to buy foods and he hasn’t come yet, the train is about to leave.  Please let him come here soon. I’ll pay for that’.  She told him about her husband’s appearance.

Tolstoy went and brought her husband.  The lady gave him a penny for his work.  After some time the lady realized that he was the famous author Tolstoy.  She got down the train and went to him.

‘Sir, sorry I’ve mistaken you. I wasn’t aware that you’re the author Tolstoy.  Please forgive me’

‘Madam, I won’t feel inferior because you’d mistaken me as a coolie.  But please don’t ask the money you gave me as it is my salary for my work’, Tolstoy told.


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