The Price of Water

Some years back I'd never thought that I would open my wallet to drink water.  I used to surprisingly see the foreigners who buy bottled water.  I would think that we, Indians are so lucky to have plenty of water everywhere.  I could see water contained pots along the roads especially in summer seasons.  Now all I see is shops that sells water.  Now, I got to pay for it.

The so called foreign companies take our own water and bottle it and sell them to us.  And we're happy to pay for it thinking that it was pure and hygienic.  There are newly established companies to cash in on this business, sells water purifiers.  The general public is not aware of the impacts of the chemicals used to purify the water.

All are making money out of dirty water flowing around the country.  It's you and me who are responsible for this crisis and only who can make sure that the available water is not dirtied.  The best way to use the available water is to use is effectively, when necessary, and what is required.

A man can live his life even without food but not without water.  Because water is the source for the food grains to grow.  Not only we teach our children the importance of water and its use, but also mend our attitudes towards the social responsibility.

Note: This is for the contest by "Crusade against chlorine".


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