Life is Beautiful

When a child smiles at you, when you give the one rupee coin to a beggar and he smiles at you, when you get to sit near the window of the train and the cool breeze blows on your face, when you drive your cycle on your own without help for the first time, when you receive your first salary and your face glows as bright as the sun, When you get the wrist watch for the first time…………………..

Beauty lies in every moment of our life. The more you focus on them the more they would appear beautiful. Have you ever enjoyed that sunset, the colour spreads over the clouds and rays penetrating those clouds? We hardly have the chance to look at this. Most people work only after six in the evening. Have you ever stopped on the road to notice the nest built by the sparrow on the tree? We always run to catch some or the other thing. Unless we notice how beautiful the things are surrounded by us, we will never feel anything beautiful.

Try to spend time for enjoying the nature; it is the most beautiful thing.  Go for long drive, away from the horns and signals and look at either side of the road, there are trees, fields, birds flying along with you.  Play Cricket, Football or whatever game you once played in your childhood and forgot as you grow taller than that cricket bat.

Beauty doesn’t mean how you dress or make-up. It’s how you make up your views on the happenings around you. Try to look for beauty in everything in your life, because, life is itself so beautiful.

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Arti said...

'It’s how you make up your views on the happenings around you...' Life is the real beauty, wonderful thoughts! Good Luck :)

nice n simple :)
n dats indeed true of us bein so absorbed in livin it up for ourselves dat real natural beauty takes a complete backseat. n wrs make the atmosphere more aesthetic with touch ups dat make d lack of one even more glaring.
its sad!

Uday said...

I really thank you people who dropped here in to read this post and promoted it on Indiblogger. Thanks for the comments!

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