With Me

It wasn't a nice day for me. The night went off without having a nap. I felt tired and was off the work. Unfortunately, no body was at home on that day. That thought made me to feel even worse. I was left alone. I felt bored a lot. While thinking how to pass the whole day and how difficult it would be, being alone, I fell asleep.

When I got up, it was almost evening. I felt hungry very much. I found a pocket of bread and tomato sauce in the refrigerator to ease my hunger. I felt better after having completed my late lunch. I wanted to find a companion and I went out for a walk.

The day was becoming nice evening. The Sun was moving to the other side of the Earth. It was a long, wide and straight road with a couple of curves. There were big trees on either side of the road. With beautiful and colorful flowers lying on the corners of the road, they looked beautiful. Flowers were almost in all the colors of the rainbow. With nice breeze, I couldn’t ask for even more than this. The road took me to the beach that’s where I would spend my weekend evenings.

As it was a weekday, only a few people could be seen. Some shops were wayside, having variety of items, looking for their best buyout, four of five couples sitting very closely without allowing even air between them, and the children were playing on the shore, a crab, which was thinking if it could go into the sea or the shore, nothing took my loneliness away.

I asked the God, why he'd left me alone. Since there was not much noise, for the first time, I could hear the sound of waves, deeply. Actually, it seemed that the Sea was trying to speak to me, the waves was trying to come to the shore, near to me.

The sea was so blue with white bubbles on its surface. It tried to save its bubbles on the shore. How many bubbles could it save? I wondered. But no bubble was on the shore could survive. They burst once they reached the shore. Was it teaching any lesson for the human kind? Those who are earning a lot without having time to realize what the life was? They are restless. They end up having nothing in their history. The sea didn’t seem to give up. It tried again and again. I felt if the waves were trying to come to the land or was it trying to touch me? Yeah! I’d finally found that it was trying to speak to me something.

Though I came here many times before, I was unable to hear it. I'd been a deaf all those days. Now I could listen to the sea. It asked me not to feel, for being alone. It said, it would help me to make me to feel good and asked me to come there whenever I felt so bad. I asked the sea, ‘you’re also alone, and how can you help me?’ It said, ‘I am not alone. There are so many species in me and I’m spread all over the world. I have so many friends around me. All you need is to just feel their presence’. Yes, I realized that I wasn’t alone; I had so many friends around me. The trees, the birds, the mountains, the sky and the air, I could hear and speak to them.

The sea said that the God hadn't created man alone. The words, it spoke out were the real boost for me. I felt being amid of the world then, surrounded by the nature. I’m no longer alone. Here they are, they look at me, and they speak to me in their own language and I’m able to understand them. They care for me and they would always be with me.


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