Sigh of Relief

It was already late. There were only few minutes left. I had to catch the train. I would be waiting for another one hour, if I miss the train. Because the next train would leave from the central railway station only after one hour and I was in a hurry to go home soon. I started running desperately. Fortunately, I got on the train before it started its first move. Ohh.... I sighed.

As it wasn’t peak hour, the seats were empty. I sat on near the window seat. I would always like to sit near window. It's really nice to view outside from the train moving.

Before I think how I got on the train. I realised, ‘oops! I forgot to buy the ticket’. So, I had to get down at the next station to buy and it would take some time. It means I would miss the train. Waste of effort.

The train was nearing the next station. To my surprise, it stopped at the half of the platform. And the compartment, I was in, was right opposite to the ticket counter. I got down and ran to the counter. There were about four persons before me to buy. The train still didn't move.

Then the train started moving again. It was my turn to buy the ticket. I’d kept enough change. So it didn’t take much time. By then the train had reached the full platform. After collecting my ticket, I had to run again to get into the same compartment before it moves. It was my challenge to get into the same compartment. My effort was not waste. I could get on the same compartment. Ohhh..... I sighed once again.


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