Tomorrow Never Lies

From the childhood, we have been told not to lie.  Our ancestors have told so.  The same ancestors have also told us to lie when it is necessary and when it doesn’t affect others.  We have somewhat followed those advices.

It is ok if we don’t lie at all.  However, what if we have to tell lies in critical situations that if not told would give tremendous results.  So, as per the advice of our ancestors we can tell lies as long as it has no impact in others’ life.

Some people have this habit of not telling the truth.  Whatever they tell, are just lies.  They just exaggerate the real situations into imaginary ones.  The other people, who are found rarely, tell only the truth.  They are hardly among us.

Sometimes lies are exciting, when told and irritating, when heard.  We never like lies when heard.  We are the first to tell them when we need to escape situations. 

We would get slaps in our childhood from our parents when we told lies.  Later we grew and became parents and now even though we still lie, we advise our children not to tell one.  Is this because we don’t want them to hide anything from us or they should not get into this habit?

Lies can be either about a non-existence or just an exaggerated one.  It is about non-existence, we have nothing to do.  We either can believe or not.  It is an exaggerated one then we have the right to just accept it or dig into the details to find the truth.

The truth has always existed.  May be, just hidden.  It always exists.  There is just a small line between lie and truth.  If we stop before the line, lie switches its role to be true.  If we cross the line, we come to know truth is smiling at us.  Lie may win today but TOMORROW NEVER LIES.  

Image Courtesy: Flickr


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