Finding a Turning Point at Every Corner

It is quite a long time since I’ve penned my thoughts.  Yes, I’m married and more than that I’ve become a father of a two years old child that left me a little space and time.  I need to give him the possible best of the world.   So, I’ve got to work a little more to get that extra money to save.  I’ve got to squeeze my mind to the possible extent to pop out the ideas to earn money in many ways. 

Whenever money pours into my pocket, it finds its own loop holes to get out of it.  Eventually those little efforts go in vain.  In every new attempt, some may be a different one, I find a failure.  Those times, I remember Mr. Thomas Alva Edison, who failed 1000 times to invent the light bulb.

There are times when I'm being cornered and I find 'A Turning Point at Every Corner'.  I've become more matured.  I'm used to the failures and disappointments now.  I've started looking at the light penetrating the holes in the dark room.  Walking towards that light will lead the way out of the room.   The light is nothing but the hope.


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