The Happiness: Surveyed

I've come across a survey about Happiness.  I just want to share with you.  According to the survey, a part called 'Hippocampus' in our brain is responsible for our happiness and memories.  They have found eating Turkey helps to improve your brain as it contains 'Serotonin' a neurotransmitter which helps to regulate learning, sleep, etc.

Just spending 20 minutes outside in a good weather helps your positive thinking.  And remember married people are 10% happier than those unmarried people.  Surprised?

The people in Nigeria and Mexico are more satisfied and optimistic than others.  If you want to be happy live in Iceland or Denmark where most number of happiest people live.  There are other choices like Sweden, Netherlands and Australia are also available.  And don't worry, you can continue to stay in America as it is the 16th happiest country in the world, not bad.

Take care of your health as healthier people are 20% happier than average.  And one more thing, if you have a baby then, yes, you happiness is reduced by 0.24%.  Exercise helps your happiness level.  Just 20 minutes walk is enough.  Find other interesting outcomes in the below inforgraphic. 

The Science of Happiness

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