I Fell in Love

Oh! Once again I fell in love with a girl. It happens whenever I plan not to love after every failure. But what can I do? How can I keep myself away from falling in love? I decide that I’m not going to love any girl and I assure myself that this is the last one, every time.

But this time is different, because this time it is not me, who fell in love. For the first time I’m being loved by a girl. She is crazy about me. How much beautiful she is? How much kind she has for me? How so modest she is? These are the same questions I often ask myself yet to find the answers. Just the word ‘Beautiful’ can’t describe her. Some one has to find a word for that. May be the word could be her name. I’d never felt that I could get this much care from any one but she was there for me. Her smile would reduce the miles of sorrows. How can I describe her more? I'm short of words. We meet everyday and talk a lot even though there is nothing to talk.

You can ask me that how I got involved into love with her. In fact, she was the first to propose me. I was very much surprised at first. I couldn't believe myself that I was in front of a beautiful (I’m yet to find to replace the word ‘Beautiful’) girl and she was smiling at me, ask me to love her. I wanted to be sure my presence in the world. I was at the top of the world. I just wanted to shout. Wow! It happened again that I fell in love.

One day we were talking about us, about our future plans, sitting alone on the beach (this was before the tsunami). I asked her to kiss me. At first, she was nervous but later she wished to do so. Even though I asked kiss, I was afraid of it. She came very close to me. She held my face with her palms. Her face was getting close to mine. It was dark, I’d closed my eyes. And she kissed me; Thousands of power sparkled. Suddenly I got up. Oh! All are in a dream. ‘A Day dream’


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